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The film tells the tale of two would be anthropologists, and a somewhat naive attempt to convey the reflexive nature of ethnography through the visual. There optimistic and slightly misplaced vision of what it is to be an anthropologist is counteracted through there relationship with a senior Lecturer at the University of Kent [Glenn Bowman].


Glenn has generously offered up his time and academic insight to further aid the duo’s visual project, unfortunately it seems that the personal and profound depth that Bowman is willing to go to has fallen on deaf ears. As they  board a “Punt” on the Canterbury river to “get reflexive”, it becomes immediately apparent that any conclusions Christian and Joshua have drawn from there anthropological encounter are being diluted by a pair of detrimentally abstract imaginations.

Directing Duo**

The project challenges the idea that film making can ever communicate “the real”. By pushing the boundaries of what constitutes truth and reality, we hope that our film {We Are Anthropologists} demonstrates a successful exersise in reflexivity. The dialogue between myself, Joshua, Evan and Glenn is spontaneous, unprepared and genuine. This fact highlights the difficult nature not only of capturing the real, but also presenting such footage in an engaging and coherent fashion.

A Few Questions

How genuine can anyone be once they are aware of the camera?

Does preparation mean that we should regard something as untrue?

 Are the characters within the film being reflexive?

Or is it the film makers construction of the narrative, that in fact illustrates an honest and somewhat uncomfortable account of reflecting upon their unattractive bias and questionable desire in the manipulation of ethnography?

At the heart of the film lies a friendship. It is the depiction of this relationship and how it determines the thoughts and theories within the film itself that is most telling, offering a genuine insight into creative collaboration and ethnographic study.

Para Ethnography


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