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Hopefully our film not only communicates the infinitely fascinating nature of  ethnographic study, but also contributes to the growing debate of advocating a public anthropology.

We utilised certain editorial techniques in oder to convey and enhance the message of our ethnographic film…..

Our use of what is known as parallel editing, has been deployed as a tool to mediate between Glenn’s office and the reflexive river.  The technique primarily used within fictional narrative (Thompson, 1993:162). It has been particularly useful in constructing a representation of how we have become more and more detached from reality as the film begins to pull in to its symbolic destination.

 The use of editorial techniques that are  unfamiliar to  ethnographic film reveals a certain truth about the perspective from which myself and Joshua have embarked upon the task of creating a film.

 The introductory scene for example, reads like a music video drawing upon the notorious quick style MTV edit, in order to communicate a certain aspect of our film making motivation (Rosenberg, 2010:167).  The concluding space mission, we hope conveys our belief of the entertaining ways in which anthropology may be able to engage with a wider audience. It is also a metaphor of the impressively diverse and seemingly limitless possibilities for a discipline that I hope begins to assert enough authority to challenge the ethnocentric misconceptions of the natural sciences.

[taken from my written dissertation on the film]

Tobias Shneebaum

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***Screenshot from the film "We Are Anthropologists" ***

Making the Film Public

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We will be posting the film very shortly with the permission of our academic supervisors and supporting cast to the film… Until then please enjoy the current information, links and videos on the site about both our film and anthropology as a whole

We Are Anthropologists

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As stated above, we (Christian Alexander Hurley and Joshua Delport) are anthropologists. Or at least we aspire to be anthropologists…. In the eternal quest for a sense of objectivity, our ethnographic endeavours have brought us to create this site as a companion to our film, We are Anthropologists. We hope that this page may shed light on what is an often confusing and contradictory discipline.